Wind techs, get the info you need when you need it
Tulli is an intelligent app built to help field technicians be more awesome at their jobs.
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Tull productivity app for field technicians
Introducing Tulli
See how Tulli works for turbine technicians

Real-time calls. Share photos & docs.

Reach out to a contact with an audio or video call. Share photos, docs, schematics and other info.

Call a buddy on Tulli

All your notes in one place, even with no service

Built for techs in the field. Create and search your notes with photos, audio, video, checklists & more - even when there’s no network access.

Access all of your notes on Tulli

Control which groups get which information

Share info with groups you create. Have 100% control of who - if anyone - you share with.

Create groups of teammates on Tulli

Get teammates up to speed quickly

Train or give support remotely. Reuse previously answered questions. Sharing knowledge is even more important now during these uncertain times when learning together in physical spaces may not be an option.

Get teammtaes up to speed on Tulli
"This is the kind of thing I wish existed years ago. Getting the info you need when you need it is essential. I'm really excited about this."
- Neal Gyngard, Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys
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Tulli productivity app for field techs

O&M managers, increase the productivity of your teams

Have less downtime when technicians have the info they need, when they need it.

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